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This post is really long over due.

Marjorie corset in silk brocade

After a little over a year of steady gigging, I am back at it.

I had a freaking great year. This past year, 2015, was a busy one for film and television technicians in Toronto and I had two good back to back runs.

Season 3/4 of Rogue was a busy AF show which left me with little to no free time but we had a great team in the hair/makeup trailer and we did some great work

Private Eyes aka The Code aka THe Untitled Jason Priestly Project was another show with some great people but I am glad for this down time to work on my fibre arts.

With now 24 pieces due for a spring time shoot, I have a lot of catching up to do. I am really excited to finally be able to commit my time to this and I am trying to be better and treat my sewing/knitting/crochet/embroidery time like a regular work day. Well, maybe not one of my regular 15 hour work days. More like a 9 to 5ers regular work day. :D
working some drafts for comfy bamboo jersey undies

This first week of sewing comes to a close with one corset 90% completed (having problems with obtaining a new die set for my press) and 3 more at various points of the first toile and second pattern draft stages.

I hope to cut at least two of the 3 tomorrow afternoon (and, hopefully, I shall hear back from a couple of the companies I've contacted regarding a #00 die set. Fingers crossed).

The first corset up will be a underbust made of a lovely soft aqua Chinese silk brocade.

silk brocade and lining printed with my logo
I am so enamoured of this fabric. I'm pretty freaking happy with the way the logo turned out, too. Thanks Spoonflower!

I wish I had chosen a few others silk offerings. There was a gorgeous lilac just whispering "Buy me" but I was trying not to get distracted.

At any rate, I have 6 weeks to get as much done, after that I will have to set about looking for the next day job gig.

I will end with a screen grab of my feature on Kollabora which just put the icing on this past week's yummy yummy cake.
A mock-up of a corset I made for myself but doing a sample size as well

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