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World travelling, north of the 49th living, Caribbean born, Barcelona dreaming makeup artist. A motionless perpetual motion machine.
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Slackers' Paradise

For a lazy woman, I spent the last month of 2014 pretty busy around the apartment.

I got sh*t done.

After organising my yarn stash into piles such as Part of WIP (PoWIP), Yarns With A Purpose (YWAP), Yarns With Great Possibilities (YWGP), and Yarns I Really Want To Use (YTU) (but haven't come up with a thing yet), I took a long realistic look at how I felt about some of these projects and yarns and whether or not I'd ever finish or like where I was heading.

I let go of a couple and added a few new projects.

Bye-bye whatever it is I was doing here

Hello to my reversible hat Nephews,

Nephews hat

reversible toque

I took that momentum into the new year which was sweet. I managed to find the energy even after 75+ hour work weeks.

I got back to baking like this great Basic Skillet Cornbread from Chow,

I fried up some 'bacon' then poured the batter right into the pan

And, sewing.

the makings of one of my corsets, got some great vintage floss

Trying to maximise daylight on the weekends when I had them off, I found if I set dough to rise at night, I could pop it in the oven in the morning and knit for a bit before my attention started to wander. I'd then get lost in sewing after a brief time out of baked goods and tea (I don't tend to eat breakfast on the weekdays when at home and will often go without eating until well after noon on the weekends; a bad habit I have never been able to shake).

my cast iron pot makes this way too easy

And, my new favourite marmalade, Calamondin Tangelo with Ginger, Cognac, and Lavender (I have to come up with a shorter name for this),

half the sugar with a lovely tanginess
sunshine in a jar

A little tv or reading and then off to sew until daylight starts to wane (my aging eyes seem to work best in full sun whereas in the past darkness was my friend).

I was in slackers' paradise; a lot accomplished without really feeling as though I HAD to do a thing. Sweet.

Most importantly, I got back on track working out some pieces for a long delayed photo shoot. Excited. I am fortunate enough to have a lot of really talented friends and the good fortune to work with some very generous with their time people. with most of my prototyping done, I feel I am finally ready to commit to my concept.

At the beginning of the year staring down the start of an 8 month gig starting, I had hopes I could keep on point.

The best laid plans...etc...etc...

Although I did not get all I had hoped done I did manage a few things.

Esmée is one of those things I did finish.

esmée (wrinkled af because of the belt)

A lovely lightweight dress worked in white linen, it takes no time at all to work up. Really basic shaping, straps, deep pockets, and a drawstring hem make it a quick and easy project. Still working up a pattern which, as I'm back to work on Monday, may not be ready for a bit. :|

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