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Bind Me - Two Out of Four

The last 2 weeks of my downtime was spent making corsets. I worked 4 of variant styles, my two favourites being this Edwardian inspired one (the easiest pattern of the 4 to draft) which I made of tea dyed cotton coutil. I had some white cotton bias tape which I threw in the tea bath as well as some white cotton lace. I was really worried about mottling so I may have soaked the items longer than necessary (okay, I DID soak longer than necessary). I then ran the newly dyed items through the wash a couple of times and hung them to dry overnight. 

The colour came out better than expected with the bias tape a wonderful match (not surprising when I remember it was a cotton bias tape and the coutil is 100% cotton, as well, the last of an old order of English coutil I've had for the past 15 years or so). I do wish I had brewed a stronger tea bath for the lace, however.

At any rate, I was (am) happy with the way they turned out.

My other favourite is based on 18th century stays. I liked this pattern more than I expected. I tried something new for me which was using cable ties as boning. Genius!

Here are some in progress pics.

Tea Time

Have not positioned the garters (okay, have not made them yet),

Everything pinned and basted into place

Have not decided on lacing or embroidery colour(s) though I am leaning towards peach and copper,

Awaiting the busk, top edge trim, and lacing
I can't wait to finish this and add my final notes to my pattern.


For my stays I chose more of the white coutil (I had 5 or so metres of it) and pulled the golden yellow ribbon from my embellishment collection. I try to buy ribbon at Mokuba whenever I can so I have a good little collection. The embroidery floss I had initially chosen had a metallic finish but I opted for the same sunshiny yellow as the ribbon.

Ignore the loose threads, I am still awaiting the trim for the top and bottom edges so there is still some work left to be done,

I am thinking I need a wider ribbon for the front

My first attempt at handworked lacing eyelets.

My first stays

I'll post more pictures once I have my order with the satin bias tape and have done all of the finishing and tidying.

The other 2 corsets I made (one I designed the other based on a pattern) are both overbust. I hope to have all of the fiddly bits finished on the next bit of down time I have (a long weekend in couple of weeks). Wish I could have finished them all before the new gig consumed all of my time (not complaining, I am happy to be back on a show and we have a great team).


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