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Ya Little Scamp, Yuh!

I grew to love hearing those words as uttered by my mother. She usually said them with love and no small amount of vexation. I was a handful and then some.

These cuffs are a nod to that scamp who could never quite seem to stay out of trouble. I think she would have really liked them.

I used three yarns for this one; a small amounts of mohair (I listed this as Kid-Silk but I think it actually was Hommage by Drops. Can't tell, lost the ball band), a small amount of a fine dk, and less than 50 grams of the main yarn, also a dk weight.

Yarn:Filatura di Crosa’s Zara (A), 1 ball (50g/125m); Filatura di Crosa Brilla (B), 1 ball (50g/110m); Garnstudio Drops Kid-Silk (C), 1 ball (50g/200m) 

Needles: 1 set each of 3.0mm, 3.5mm, and 4.0mm double point needles; 3mm crochet hook 

Gauge: 6sts x 8rs = 2.5cm (1”) in stocking stitch using 3.0mm dp (double point) needles


Using 3.0mm needles and yarn A, cast on 39sts , place marker (pm) and join for working in the round.

Knit the next 20 rounds as follows,

Rounds 1-19: *k2, p1* to end of round

Using 3.5mm, work the next 5 rounds

Rounds 20 - 24: knit every stitch.

Increase round,

Rounds 25: k2, m1, *k4, m1* to last stitch, k1. (49sts)

Rounds 26-37: Knit every stitch.

Increase round,

Round 38: *k7, m1* to end of round. (56sts)
Using yarn B, work the following

Round 39: Knit each stitch.

Using yarn B and 3.0mm crochet hook, insert hook into first stitch on left hand double point needle and draw up a loop. Drop stitch from left hand needle. Insert hook into next stitch of left hand needle, draw up a loop, yarn around hook, draw loop through both loops on hook.

*Insert hook into next stitch on needle, draw up a loop, yarn around needle and draw through both loops on hook.*

Repeat instructions  from * to * until you have worked all stitched on the needle and reach the end of the round. You should have one loop left on hook.  (56sc)

Round 41: ch1, sc in each sc around. Ch1.

Round 42: *Turn, ch 7, skip 5 sc, 1sc in next sc, turn, (6sc, 5ch, 6sc) in ch 7 sp, 1sc in each of next 7 sc*. Repeat to end of round. Slip stitch in starting ch1.

Round 43: Ch4, *skip 6 sc, (1dc, 3ch) 4 times in 5ch loop, 1dc in same loop, skip 6sc, 1tc in next sc from previous round* to end. Work 1 tc in ch1. Bind off.

Switching to 4.0mm needles and yarn C, from wrong side pick up and knit 56sts from colour change (round 39).

Work one round even. (56sts)   

Round 2: m1, k6, *k1fbf, k6* to end of round. (72sts)

Round 3 (and each odd round): k each stitch. (72sts)

Round 4: m1, *k8, k1fbf* to end of round. (88sts)

Round 6: m1, *k10, k1fbf* to end of round. (104sts)

Round 8: m1, *k12, k1fbf* to end of round. (120sts)

Work an extra optional  increase round for more pouf.

[Round 10: m1, *k14, k1fbf* to end of round. (136sts)]

Work 2 rounds even.

Bind off loosely.

Not yet tested but offered with joy. :D

For the pdf version, click the following...Scamp.
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