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Caramel Macchiato

I promised someone I would share the pattern for my Cap Puccino tam and then I conveniently forgot about it until recently when I came across my notes.


Anyway, I took a look at the original, re-evaluated the fit, the yarn, the shape and decided to take a break from the bazillion other things I said I would finish so I could try improving this tam.

After searching through the stash, I opted to stick with the Katia Jamaica; I like the colourway I have stashed so I figured, why not!? - and set to work.

These are my rough notes. I have not proofed them. I have a horrible habit of just writing and not proofing. Sort of the way I am in real life, blurting things out, never thinking about what I say until after it's all said.

Again, not proofed...blah blah blah. If I have made mistakes or should my notes not be clear, I do apologise. I shall write this up as a proper pattern and make it available as a pdf at some point.

Of note, just in case you are not familiar with me, I have a large head. This hat was made to fit a head which, when bald, is 23.5", with locs nearly 25".

Reducing the size is easy enough and can be accomplished by doing one less increase round or by doing a round or so of decreases on the straight part. I do a few rounds of stretch yarn to finish to add some elasticity to the opening, Cascade's Fixation or Elann's Esprit.


(At the end of each round, work a slip stitch into the chain stitches from the start of the round. I will not list this step in the following notes.)

Using 3.5mm hook work 13sc into adjustable loop. Tighten

Round 1: Ch3, work dc in next sc, ch1. *dc, ch1* in each st around.

Round 2: Ch4, *dc, ch2* in each dc around

Round 3: Slip st to first ch2 space. Ch2, 1hdc in same ch2 space, chain 2. *Work 2 hdc in next ch2 space, chain 2* around. If need be, work the occasional chain 3 instead of chain 2 to keep the piece flat.

Round 4: Ch 3, dc in next hdc, ch 2. Work *dc in each next 2 hdc, ch 2* around. Work ch3 to keep piece flat when need arises.

Round 5: Ch 3, dc in next dc. Ch3, skip next 2 chain, dc in next 2 dc, ch 3. Work *dc in next 2 dc, ch 3* around

Round 6: Ch 3, dc in next dc, 3 dc in ch space, 1 dc each next 2 dc, 3 dc in next ch space. Work 1dc in each dc, 3dc in each ch space around (I wrote 65dc by end of this round).

Round 7: Ch 3, dc in next dc, ch 2, skip next dc, dc in following dc, ch 2. Skip next dc, *dc in each of next 2 dc, ch 2 , skip next dc, dc in next dc, ch 2, skip next dc* around.

Round 8: Ch 3, dc in next dc, 2dc in each ch2 space, dc in next dc, 2dc in ch space, *dc in next 2 dc, 2dc ch space, dc in next dc, 2dc in ch space* around. (Again, wonky notes.)

Round 9: Ch 3, dc in next dc, ch 3, skip next 2 dc, dc in next dc, ch 3 *skip next 2 dc, dc in next 2 dc, ch 3, skip 2 dc, dc in next dc, ch 3* around

(With each of the ch 2/ch 3, work more or less of a chain in order to keep the piece from puckering/buckling. From this point on the increases cease if you want a floppier tam, work more another increase, more of a skully, cut out round 9.)

Round 10: Ch 3, dc in next dc, 2 dc in ch space. Work a dc in each dc and 2 dc in each ch space around.

Round 11: Ch 3, dc in each dc around.

Round 12: rep round 11

Round 13: Ch 4, skip 1 dc, dc in next dc, ch 2 (or 3, if need be), *skip next dc, dc in following dc, ch 2 (3)* around

Round 14: Ch 4, skip ch spaces, dc in next dc, *ch 2, dc in next dc* around

Round 15: rep round 14 (occasionally work ch 1 for ch 2 if need be).

Round 16: Ch 3, *dc in each ch space, dc in next dc* around

Round 17: Ch 3, dc in each dc around

Round 18: rep round 17

Round 19: Ch 4, *skip next dc, dc in following dc, ch 2 (or 1 as need be)* around

Round 20: Ch 4, skipping ch spaces, *dc in each dc around, ch 2(1)* around

Round 21: rep round 20

Round 22: Slip st to first chain space, Ch 3. Work *dc in ch space, dc in next dc* around.

Round 23/24: Ch 3, dc in each dc, ch 1. Skipping ch space , *dc in each of next 2 dc, ch 1* around

Round 25/26: Ch 3, dc in ea dc around.

Round 27/28: Ch 2, hdc in each dc around

Bind off yarn.

Attach Esprit

Work 3 rounds of sc.

Bind off, wash, and wear.


Going through my notes made me appreciate how I have to take better notes. Again, sorry. I shall re work this and make a proper pattern soon(ish).


I have made some corrections/clarifications to the pattern which are not yet reflected in this post. You can download the corrected PDF here, Caramel Macchiato, or visit the pattern page on Ravelry.
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