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Cowled and Collared (the Pattern)

Cowled and Collared
First, let me say putting this pattern up took a little longer than I would have liked, I had some yardage issues which required knitting several versions to get the amount of yarn needed down.

I used madelinetosh's Tosh Merino in worsted weight but noticed a big difference in the gauge when I knit up a version for a friend, A Nice Cuppa (the Earl Grey colourway version pictured below). My initial cowl in Citrus had a gauge of 4st x 6rows per 2.54cm (1") yet with the Earl Grey, a noticeably finer worsted, I was only able to achieve a gauge of 5sts x 7rows per 2.54cm (1").

(EDIT: Yarn was mislabelled Tosh Merino, it should have read Merino Light. This is a reminder for me to trust myself more.) 

With that being said, in the final pattern which I will make available for sale next month, I shall include gauge information from 3 variations and three gauge versions and suggest you do a swatch (really, I should have and then I would have avoided some of the issues I had. )

madelinetosh's Tosh Merino in Citrus. Glorious!


Cowled and Collared

Gauge is 4st x 6rows = 2.54cm/1 inch of pattern stitch in Twisted Beaded Rib

Pattern St 1 (Twisted Beaded Rib) -
Round 1: *p, k1tbl* around
Round 2: k around

Pattern St 2 (2x2 Rib)
Row 1: *k2, p2* to last 2 stitches as indicated. K the next 2 stitches.
Row 2: *p2, k2* to last 2 stitches as indicated, p the next 2 stitches.

k1tbl = knit next stitch through the back loop.
k2t = knit next two stitches together
yo = yarn over
pm = place marker
sm = slip marker
w&t = wrap the next stitch and turn work
(Check out the Cloud and Cotton tutorial here, the Cat Bordhi vid here, or the Purl Bee Tut here.) 

Using 6mm circular needles, cast on 100 sts (I used cable cast on) and join to work in the round placing marker at the end of the round.

Work 8 rounds knit

Round 9: *yo, k2t* 
Round 10: k all stitches and yarn overs around

Starting with Round 1 of pattern stitch work a total of 28 24 rounds in pattern ending with round 2 of pattern stitch.

Next round: *yo, k2t*
Round 36: k round

Repeat rounds 11-40 36

Round 41/42 37: switching to 5mm circular needles knit 10sts, pm, *k2, p2* to the last 10 sts, pm, k10. End of round.

These next few instructions are worked flat working back and forth in rows, purling purls and knitting knits as they appear. As you shall be wrapping and turning a stitch earlier each row, work in pattern as it appears until the next wrapped stitch. That is to say, you will end up working partial pattern repeats.
Row 1 (right side facing): k10, sm, *k2, p2* to one stitch before next marker, w&t next st.
Row 2 (wrong side facing): work in Pattern Stitch 2 starting with row 2. Work to stitch before next marker, sm w&t next st.
Row 3: work back across in pattern to 2 stitches before marker, w&t next stitch.
Row 4: work the row in pattern to 2 sts before marker, w&t next st.
Row 5: work row in pattern to stitch before last wrap (3 sts before marker), w&t next stitch.
Row 6: work in patt to st before last wrap (3sts before marker), w&t next stitch
Row 7: work to st before last wrap (4sts before marker), w&t next st
Row 8: work to st before last wrap (4sts before marker), w&t next st
Row 9: work to st before last wrap (5sts before marker), w&t next st
Row 10: work to st before last wrap (5sts before marker), w&t next st
Row 11: work to st before last wrap (6sts before marker), w&t next st
Row 12: work to st before last wrap (6sts before marker), w&t next st

The next set of instruction are worked in the round over all stitches.

Round 1: Having turned after last wrap, with right side facing, work back across the picking up and knitting the wrapped stitches and the wraps while working in established pattern continuing to marker and the 10 k sts and end of round.
Round 2: Continuing in the round knit the 10 stitches, sm, pick up and knit the wrapped stitches with wraps while continuing in rib pattern to next marker, sm, k10.
Round 3: Cont in patt...k10, sm, *k2, p2* to marker, sm, k10
Round 4: k10, sm, *k2, p2* to marker, sm, k10 (this round can be eliminated if you are short on yarn, the magenta version used all but 40 ish cm so it's a close call). 
Round 5: k all stitches
Round 6-12: rep Round 5

Bind off.

For the ties,

Cast on 5 sts and work i-cord(s) to desired length is reached. Cut the yarn leaving 10-15cm to thread through the live stitches (I thread it through 2 or 3 times). Secure and weave through the centre of the i-cord.

Thread through eyelets.

as a capelet
Knit ties for each row of eyelets or not. If using only one tie, may I suggest threading it through the middle row of eyelets?

as a slouchy cowl
This pattern is easy to adjust by knitting more of fewer rounds between the eyelet rounds and/or knitting more rounds after the wrapped stitches.

I knit this with my big head and bushy hair in mind and as such this should fit even masses of wild hair or bulky dreads.

I used i-cords knit in a contrasting yarn colour for ties. The ties can be threaded through any or all (or none) of the eyelets, it works best for me to have the ties through the middle row but I have toyed with adding ties along the lower edge as well.

Things of note...

I have not proofed this pattern.

I have not combed through my notes for errors.

I do apologise if this pattern is confusing or not clear. Please, contact me should my blah blah blah be way too much to comprehend. Blame my non-linear mind.

The above pictured Citrus cowl is of my first attempt and it varies slightly from the above pattern in that the pictured cowl is wider and floppier. I tightened up the pattern to use less yarn giving one the opportunity to knit it up with some gloriously ridiculous yarn without breaking ones bank.

My second attempt at this pattern varied greatly in fit but is still a great warmer should one wish to use a finer worsted weight a fingering weight yarn. I shall have a pattern which includes one and 2 skein variations, the 2 skein version being longer using just shy of 400 metres and shall be available shortly to purchase.

The cowls below were knit up using the posted variation.

A Nice Cuppa in Earl Grey Tosh Merino Light.
Chocolate brown ties maybe!?

Tosh Merino in Magenta

side view

Comfy, Cosy, Cowled.
I think the Earl Grey version would work equally as well with jeans and a t-shirt as it would with a suit jacket or blazer.

Let me know what you think.

Oh! - A pdf of this pattern can be downloaded here, Cowled and Collared


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