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World travelling, north of the 49th living, Caribbean born, Barcelona dreaming makeup artist. A motionless perpetual motion machine.
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Best Of Intentions

Life's Little Reminders

This morning I crawled out of bed tired beyond belief and still more than half asleep. After showering I got dressed and jumped into a cab headed to the set of a short film shooting in the downtown core. Not expecting to do makeup I still brought a small case of mainly fx stuff. I don't know, habit I guess.

With easily 1/3 of my brain still asleep, I hung out and watched two talented young makeup art students as they processed actors. I watched them confer adding a word here and there as they discussed looks, director notes, script points, and ways of working quickly and efficiently.

Really, I did not do a thing other than watch and only occasionally throwing in the odd word, offering suggestions when prompted, and answering questions when asked.

After the cast was processed and had headed to set, the two artist asked me about a situation they had encountered. I shared my experiences with similar situations but fuzzy brained I babbled feeling as though I had not answered a single thing coherently. I was tired but it was a lovely day and the company was nice. I saw people I haven't worked with in a while and met some new friends.

After telling the two students they had everything well under control and offering my phone number should any further questions arise, I offered a quick goodbye and turned to take my leave only to have them stop me and tell me how happy they were that I had stopped by. They shyly told me how much it meant to them to have me there, how it made them feel more confident, and how grateful they were for my words of encouragement and advice.

Wow. I was, still am, totally blown away. I had impacted them in a positive way. Heady.

I can not deny how I had dreaded crawling out of bed to do a favour after the tiring week on set or how giving up even the smallest portion of my short weekend felt painful but all of that crap dissolved once I was out into the lovely Saturday morning air and saw these ladies do their thing. I was reminded of my own start in the business, how overwhelming it all had seemed, and how much I had to learn on the fly. It was a reminded of those who eased my path and a painful flash of those who had thrown up stumbling blocks and how each, good and bad, are remembered. These are the moments which have made me the artist I now am.

It was also a lovely and timely reminded of how important it is to take time even when one feels there is so little time to go around. How even the smallest of things can have impact; we do what we can and sometimes it is appreciated but even if it is not it sure feels good to reach out.

It reminded me how I always start with the best of intentions and even if I lose that a little along the way someone/something reminds me.

For this I shall be eternally grateful.

Thank you.

On location in Paris, Ontario for the Listener season 4

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