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World travelling, north of the 49th living, Caribbean born, Barcelona dreaming makeup artist. A motionless perpetual motion machine.
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Setting The Ground Work

Hope is a great thing. It keeps us moving forward but, although it is a wonderful thing to have in ones life, sometimes, as Philosophy aptly noted, sometimes Hope Is Not Enough. Thankfully, Philosophy has made a product just for those times.

For those times When Hope Is Not Enough

Skin care's a tough one. Everyone has different needs, different wants from their skincare, and our skin's reaction to things is individual. A product could be genius for one but, at the very least, be ineffective or, at the worse, spell disaster.

I like to try new product out first before adding it to my kit. This has proven to be unpleasant on more than a few occasions. My skin really does not tolerate much and through the years I have tried products which left my skin dry, have caused my skin to flake, crack, and peel, or caused me to have an outbreak of raw red rashy skin. Sometimes it takes a few days for my skin to revolt but luckily I was introduced to a product which not only is loved by my skin but actually clears up the many missteps I have made throughout the years as a guinea pig.

Of the many products I have tried I tend to use Kiehl's products the most. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturiser has proven to be a great kit lotion. It is lightweight, wears well under foundation, and, thus far, I have not had even a hint of an adverse effects from cast. It was a little too lightweight for my personal use and left me dry but my skin did not revolt when I used it.

I also use the Kiehl's Blue Herbal toner a lot. It is great for acne prone skin and/or oily skin but guys also like it as an after shave toner. Along with the Kiehl's Close Squadron Shave Cream it's a winning combo and more than a few of the male actors leave with a love of the pairing. My second choice is often l'Occitane's Cade. Again, much loved by cast.

The Nivea shave foam is a great drug store alternative.

Midnight Recovery Concentrate
Skin prepping is very necessary but so is the post care, makeup removal. There are a few other products from the Kiehl's line which are pretty much staples so they're very present in my kit. I also have a basic Dermalogica cleanser around though I have never had any personal success with the line, I find it waaaaay too drying for me but the line is loved by many and rightly so.

MAC makeup wipes come in very handy not just for basic makeup but for lighter makeup effects and body art. There are a few drugstore ones which are a good back up and because we go through so many of them daily it is often easier just to run into Shoppers and grab a brand like the Nivea Cleansing Wipes or the St Ives.

A good makeup artist has to be concerned with more than makeup, well tended skin is a major part of the process. When the ground work is not set the finished product suffers so taking care of ones skin is the start of a good makeup. It really is more than half the "battle".

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