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Never Quite As Easy As All That

Maximising My Time

Part 3

Made up my mind, so I thought, re the wall colours. Chose a paler blue than the 3 main walls of the room as well as a flat deep medium grey. After setting up and getting halfway through I noticed something odd about the texture of the wall. Upon inspection I realised the previous paint was not adhering to the patch job which had been (hastily, clearly) done on the wall. I trekked out back across to Home Depot (thank goodness it is literally across the street from me) and grab some patching compound and primer/sealer/blocker.

I chipped away at the loose paint, sanded, patched, sanded, and sealed the area before getting back to the main event.

I was/am hesitant about using dark greys and black, not so much due to the work required to paint with them, rather, the work required should/when I change my mind and want to repaint. I initially chose grey over black thinking it would be a little less trauma in the long run. I tried a swatch of it on the wall then tried to paint over it.

Silver Streak, Granite Grey, and Sunday Sonata (all CIL)

This was useful for two reasons; a) I had the opportunity to realise I did not like it as much as I had hoped I would, and b) it gave me the chance to see how much work would be required to cover it.

After realising I did not like the med grey for this particular wall, I chose a pale soft grey as my second colour. I had an unused can of white which I had tinted at Home Depot. My neighbourhood store has a couple of really good paint associates which is great 'cause it saves me a trip downtown to Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams.

The base was sans primer and took 4 coats to cover the dark grey with only the smallest amount of bleed through. I can still tell in certain lights but no one else seems to see it, which suits me just fine. A primer would have cut that down a coat and may have given better hide. *shrug*

trying to choose frame colour
Happy with it overall, I like the flow of colour in the room. My obsession with striped sheets has been kicked up a notch though and my 3 year quest for the "perfect" sheet set(s) has intensified. Oddly, not much luck, so far the only set I have found which I like has been the set I bought at West Elm a couple of years ago.

Ahhh...any excuse to keep shopping. Onward!

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