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The Last Leg (literally)

Woohoo. Now with the painting out of the way I get to concentrate on the next part of this job, the adding of some legs.

For a while now I have wanted to add legs to this shelf but I could never seem to get around to it. I looked at long curved legs, tapered legs, and blocks. I was leaning towards the blocks as I am paranoid about the other options' ability to hold this heavy unit up. I know it really isn't an issue but I can't stop fretting about it. Finally, I opted for short tapers much like the ones I chose for my chesterfield. Simple, solid, and totally paintable.

I've decided to paint them the base colour I used for the main part of the shelf, Bonfire. Having made this decision I realised I would need to refinish the lower part of the shelf as well to make it all flow better. Sigh.

base coat (Bonfire) with Big Chill followed by sanding

I used Big Chill instead of Summer Shower because that was the handiest at the time. Similar type of colour except Big Chill has a faint hint of mauve.

glue paste, Siesta Keys, and more sanding

And Besta wooden legs from Ikea. They did not have white in stock so I had to purchase black, sand them and then apply 5 coats of paint.

Besta coated in Bonfire

Drill, baby, drill!

I may have OCD but my impatience trumps it most days. I have measured, marked, and remeasured and remarked a few times but, when it comes down to it, I shall probably ignore all of my prep work and drill in "roughly" the right places. I really am glad I did not become an architect. Totally requires more dedication to accuracy than I can handle most days.

Hit a few snags in the attach the legs phase. Snags which required 3 trips to Home Depot, one to Canadian Tire, and a trip to Brafasco. None of these trips proved fruitful (problem being that I needed metric fittings but no one had anything other than imperial). Found a place online but I ran out of time, one day left before I start Empire of Dirt and I have yet to get my gear together and meet with the director.

Anyway, I found a work around but it required me getting up early and heading back to Home Depot to buy yet another screwdriver. I swear I was just about to quit but I am stubborn. Home Depot did not have what I needed so, frustrated, I gave in to my better half's urgings and headed out for brunch. He's a great guy and, as always happens with him, we chanced upon a small hardware store which carried just what I needed.


...from this.

Reminder to self for the future...those old, small, family run stores are treasure troves. The guy who ran the store seemed genuinely surprised at how much trouble I had finding what I needed. And, not only did he have metric and imperial tools but the prices where ridiculously cheap. I was a very happy woman.

After brunch we headed home and I got to work and had the legs attached in less than 10 minutes. In less than a half an hour the shelf was overloaded with books and looking as though it had not been dusted in weeks. Not certain how that happened. Sigh.

Anyway, better pix later, have to finish sorting the last bit of my gear and head off to bed for my 5 am wake up. Back to work I go with Day 1 of the indie feature Empire of Dirt.

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