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World travelling, north of the 49th living, Caribbean born, Barcelona dreaming makeup artist. A motionless perpetual motion machine.
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Lining It Up

One of my favourite retro products is the MAC Creme Liner from the 1990 MAC Mod. This inky black cake creme liner glided on with the aid of a fine liner or angle brush, lasted all night (this I tested repeated by myself at various clubs in and around Toronto), and the small pot seemed to refill overnight (it didn't of course but it did take a very very long time to reach bottom let alone finish a whole container).

This too disappeared for a wee while but that was okay as we had hit a creme liner slump. Soon the masses had moved on to shadow liner and/or became reacquainted with pencils. I held my breathe and kept my liner pots in easy reach. Never was all that happy with the pencil liner look. Before long some great alternatives to my fave MAC liner appeared; gel, liquid pens and felt tip markers (not that great for work), more creme cakes, and a renewed interest in the ultra retro smudge pot liners like the classic Guerlain offering. I even played around with Kajal (Wow! Talk about inky black and ultra long lasting. Tons of trouble getting it off but let's not get nit-picky).

From the Ancient Egyptians to the Goth girls on Queen Street, eyeliner has come a long long way. Over 10 000 years of eyeliner history, nothing is truly new, we sort of just keep re-inventing the wheel, improving and adjusting through our 10 thousand year old love affair.

MAC Creme Liner, Illamasqua's cake liner, and Bobbi Brown

Fine Upper liner in Illamasqua inky black offering with a smudgey lower lash liner in a deep metallic golden brown shadow.

Jewel Staite of The L.A. Complex

Fine winged out black liner and lashes for the CFC short film, The Porcelain Pussy,

Shauna MacDonald in the Porcelain Pussy

Thicker smudged out eyeshadow with cake liner for the Dream Lover character on Puppets Who Kill,

Marie Cruz, Puppets Who Kill

And reaching deep into the archives for thick Carbon eyeshadow (MAC) along lower lashline,

Salon Jie - Contessa Awards
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