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World travelling, north of the 49th living, Caribbean born, Barcelona dreaming makeup artist. A motionless perpetual motion machine.
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Single Minded

Sometimes I get a colour idea stuck in my head. I get haunted by a colour, usually lipstick, and I spend countless hours trying to find the physical manifestation of my latest obsession. A few years back it was the lipstick colour Audrey Hepburn was wearing for the cab scene of Breakfast at Tiffany's. That particular obsession lasted for a year and cost hundreds upon hundreds of dollars.

I found a lot of lovely colours I have since added to my favourites list but I never did find that one colour which satisfied me in terms of payoff.

This latest fixation is yet another in the family of coral/orange/terracotta. I know I want it to be rich but not bright necessarily, deep but not dark. In my hunt for this enticing colour I have revisited some old faves and trip over some new lovelies.

One of the revisited colours is a gorgeous colour from Nars called Casablanca. It's a great warm colour which has a hint of brown. I would be a great substitute for reds and would look great on a range of colouring. In fact I have a face in mind right now.

Can't wait until we have a day change.

Casablanca by Nars

La Creme de la Creme

Okay, so, I had no intention of spending my weekend shopping for work but we were in Scarborough Town Centre (sorry, I can't get used to calling it anything else) and, as we had no real mission in mind, I finally went to Sephora to buy a few Too Faced lipsticks. It was oddly quiet so I could actually take some time and let my eyes guide me. I beelined for the Too Faced lipsticks and, after hunting through the decimated stock, I finally found an In The Buff La Creme Lip Cream. A rich and creamy, glossy lipstick it told me in plain English I should buy it and although I had a vague idea of picking up a colour for Jewel, I ended up snagging In The Buff for Cassie.

In The Buff La Creme Lip Cream

Addicted to Red

I just can't stop buying reds. Whenever one jumps up and screams at me, I just have to answer the call. This lush, rich red comes from Make Up Forever. It is one of their waterproof Aqua Rouge lipsticks which promises to last and last and last. What the heck, I like the colour so let's give it a go.

I'll let you know how it holds up.

#9 Aqua Rouge - Makeup Forever

Polish Power

I have a nail polish fetish.

My Saturday afternoon pedicure, as per usual.

I get all happy and chipper whenever I buy new polish. I get a kick out of wearing contrasting colours on my toes yet I seldom wear polish on my fingers. My work collection of polishes is quite impressive, if I do say so myself. Because my nails never grow past a set length without chipping, splitting, and peeling, I tend to keep them short. Not a fan of my nails when they are short and polished, they remind me of smarties.

Recently I started testing out some of the many incredible nail decals available. They offered my nails some protection and allowed me to rock some of the cooler patterns and textures currently available. My faves so far are the decals which feel like cushioned silicone. They are a length great for short nails and the adhesive held without destroying my nail upon removal. A problem I had with Kiss Nail Dress.

Pictured is a sheet of the gel decals (on my nail is the Kiss which tore a layer off my nail upon removal. I tried it with and without a base coat, didn't make a lick of difference).

A sheet of Nailene Expressions Nail Art Gellies

Kiss Nail Dress, great decals (they have animal print so I'm impressed. Yes, it's just that easy.

How To Be Indie was a great show for polish, Mindy Shankar wore a different colour each and every block (problematic on more than a few occasions) as did Marline and Sarena during the first season. They also introduced me to some great colours and textures.

Zoya was one of my brands of choice for Indie. Lovely colours, low odour and safe for kids.

Zoya, Butter, and Armani polishes

My Bucket O' Polish - My personal collection overflow is kept in a bucket by my bed. Weird, I know. The rest are kept in a tallboy bureau drawer. Collection includes Dior, Quo, Chanel, SpaRitual, and Essie.

Illamasqua polishes are like all other products this wickedly cool company makes; rich, colourful, intense, creative. The colours dance in my mind, they tell me to create lovely images with them. The polishes come in glossy and matte. They are acid and juicy. Coy, bold, playful.

Some of my more recent acquisitions...

Clockwise from far left - Prosperity, Jo'Mina, Phallic, and Stance

I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together

Final image of the night is from a night location shoot of the Listener. Taken at the bus terminal in downtown Toronto I find this such a lonely sight.

©jndc (images and text)
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