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World travelling, north of the 49th living, Caribbean born, Barcelona dreaming makeup artist. A motionless perpetual motion machine.
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Acing the Base

One of my favourite lightweight bases was the old MAC Face and Body. The line disappeared and I was devastated (only a slight exaggeration as finding a substitute became a full-time gig and cost an unreasonable amount of cash in experimentation). When my stash of F&B ran out I spun my wheels for a bit, I'll be honest.

While shooting Homie Spumoni I purchased a Make Up Forever Face and Body base, but, for whatever reason, I was not excited about it. I put it on the back burner until, in desperation, I pulled it out while working on another show. Must admit, I have no idea why I had previously passed on the base, it is a good one for lightweight, barely-there coverage. It blends well and has some great colours in the range. It may have been the texture which initially put me off but playing around with it the past few years has given me an appreciation for its gel-like consistency. Once thoroughly shaken, it is smooth and gives a satin look, skin-like finish. It has a decent range of colours and has become one of my favourites for a variety of skin tones and textures. The MAC Face and Body eventually made its way back but I had moved on by then. Plus, they no longer carried those difficult to find colours i had become so dependent upon.

Make Up Forever Face and Body #48 and #44

Two other bases I've been playing around with are Urban Decay's Naked and Illamasqua's Light Liquid Foundation (they have a Skin Base Foundation which I am anxious to try but that'll have to wait for the next gig). Both bases are lightweight, both have a pretty good range of colour, and undertone (nothing, IMO beats the MAC range of colour, most aren't even close but these two brands aren't slackers in that department).

I usually grab a colour for myself for, although I do not wear makeup (yep, I know), I have to try stuff out for myself first. I have a crazy number of allergies and sensitivities (I get retested for my allergies every 2 or so years). It gives me a better idea of how things wear and feel. Won't lie, I've had some major disasters but I can honestly say I will not use a product on an actor that I am not willing to try myself. Luckily, I have had only a couple of "Yikes!" moments in the last few years, mostly skincare.


Where was I? Oh, Naked Skin,

Shades 9.0 and 3.0

And, Illamasqua's Light Liquid,

Shades 150 (bottom) and 240 (top)

Both bases expand to give a lightweight coverage and come in a range of colours. Lightly powder with MAC Blot and, Voila!

The boys of the Complex (all Make Up Forever).

Bottom pic ©Epitome Pictures, all other pix ©jndc
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