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World travelling, north of the 49th living, Caribbean born, Barcelona dreaming makeup artist. A motionless perpetual motion machine.
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Nothing quite like a cape

I have often felt capes where one of the most maligned articles of clothing. Relegated to the accessory of dastardly villains and grown women with Big Bad Wolf fetishes, the cape has cropped up briefly throughout the centuries but has never quite made that big break for the spotlight. When I talk about wearing a cape people think of Superman or Batman, or the Phantom of the opera. Occasionally I will hear Sherlock Holmes (more to do with Mr Rathbone's portrayal than anything Sir Doyle has written). Most people never really think fashionable or sexy, at least in this era unless they were into Cosplay.

Capes seem comforting to me. They were usually water resistant, being of fulled wool, and often incredibly warm. Capes make me think of walking in the rain, traipsing through the woods (maybe I too have a Big Bad Wolf fetish) or huddling in a carriage being gently wooed. Silk, satin or velvet capes hinted at nights spent at functions, tedious but necessary, made enticing by the promise of a rendez-vous with someone mysterious.

Part of my cape fascination has to do with that long ago lost poncho. The same poncho which, decades later, was the impetus to me finally picking up sticks and learning how to knit proper. Ponchos are, after all, just capes which took a side trip through the 70s. Sure, they existed before the 70s but, for one shining moment later to be revisited, ponchos were relevant and capes, by default, were cool again. Capes are not just for long walks to Grandma's house or for leaping tall buildings in a single bound, they are mysterious and seductive yet comforting. Capes are inviting.

Upon Her Golden Shoulders will be one of many attempts at satisfying my life long (or, at least 3/4 of my life) fascination with the cape. It will be followed by others, I am certain. I am sorry. Hahahaha.

Oh so many yarns to chose from. For this particular project I have chosen Americo's Linen Tanguis. Lovely yarn, as per usual. All their yarns are lovely.

Linen Tanguis by Americo Original

Possible future options include the insanely lovely Mezcla de Lujo, also by Americo. The pic does this lovely yarn no justice. Sorry.
The luscious merino/cashmere Mezcla de Lujo

For a different weight and more of an English Country look, the slubby Summer Tweed by Rowan. I have had this yarn forever. Okay, so I exaggerate a bit but it was one of the first yarns I bought in quantity. I had hopes of making something fantastic with this but nothing really revealed itself to me. Let's see how this yarn likes the idea of being a dashing little cape.

A little rough on the hands, the summer tweed, Summer Tweed.

And another discontinued, long time stash yarn, Rowan's Cotton Braid.

Bulky and funky.

Do you see a colour trend happening here!? *insert big cheesy grin*

As always, Upon Her Golden Shoulders shall be a crochet/knit combo but an all knit version shall follow with an all crochet version about a month or so later. I think I shall make this one a freebie so check back in a month or two.


(previously posted on Yes, Mistress)
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