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Brand new year, same old me

This is why I do not make resolutions, the pressure is unbearable. It's no wonder most crack under the strain of it. And while I did not make a resolution, I had hoped that I could focus a bit better. Nearly 2 days down of 2012 and I have already gotten lost on the path to Stick-To-It-Ness.

I started finishing up a couple of items but then I decided that I wanted to use up some odds and ends and once an idea takes hold of me...*sigh*.

My first new project of the new year, a dread sleeve for my hair using left over hanks of Zara. I like my first one a lot and really, I just wanted to duplicate it in superwash instead of cotton.

For me, I never really know what the heck I want these things to look like so I work whatever stitch I feel would look good, changing it up as I go along 'cause I get bored. I also use this as an opportunity to try new stitches or stitch combinations. I want to keep this one like the first one, pretty plain and not too lacy as it has to hold my hair in (I've opted for thinner dreads this time around).

It's an easy one and pretty mindless. Some people have asked me for the pattern for the organic cotton one one Rav (I called it Nothing Up My Sleeve because I had cut off my hair and was working on a new head of dreads). But really, it's such an easy thing to make that I would feel silly creating a PDF download pattern.

Going through my "notes" here's my dread sleeve. Sorry if it's not clear but I make no promises regarding the ease of following my notes. Heck, I have trouble following my notes. *shrug*

Nothing Up My Sleeve - really, it's just a tube. easy peasy.
My dread sleeve has been through the wash a few times and the pic was taken in the dark with my phone but I shall load better pix another time.

Up My Sleeve (Dread Sleeve)

Using a 4mm hook, chain enough stitches to go around your head. In my case, my massive cranium requires a 70 chain, approx 23" (for 1/2" negative ease). I join the chain into a loop and, working around the chain, I work 1sc into each foundation chain st joining the last st of the round to the first stitch with a ss. (For each round which follows I end by joining the end of each round to the beginning of each round with a ss and I start each new round with a chain.)

Chain 2 (I know most people do a ch 1 for sc, 2ch for dc etc, but I always crochet the first few stitch tightly so a longer "turning chain" makes it easier for me to join. When changing colours do the last yo or chain of the end of the round in the new colour. That is to say, for the ss, insert hook, yo in the new colour and pull yo through.)

I work one more round of sc (I prefer to start with sc so that the edge has greater firmness).

Round 3 - (join colour B) work 2ch in new colour then work 1hdc in each sc around.

Round 4 - chain 3, work a dc into each hdc around.

Round 5 - 2ch, work a hdc into each dc around.

Round 6 - (join colour C) 2ch, work a hdc in each hdc around

Round 7 - 5ch, *skip the next hdc, ch 2, dc in the following* rep around. Chain 2, join the round.

Round 8-9 - ch 2, *hdc into ch2 space, hdc in dc* rep around. Chain 3, join round.

Rounds 10-11 - (join colour B) dc in every st around.

Round 12 - (join colour A) ch 1, sc in each dc around.

Round 13 - chain 5, skip next st, dc in following sc, *skip next st, ch 2, dc in following* rep around. Chain 2, join round.

Round 14 - ss in first ch sp, dc, ch 2, skipping dc of previous round work into ch sp, *dc into next ch sp, ch2* rep around. Join round.

Round 15 - ch 3, *dc in chain sp, ch2* around.

Round 16/17 - (join colour C) ch3, skip next stitch, dc in following st. Working behind the stitch you just created, work a dc in the skipped stitch. *Skip the next st, work dc in following st, work behind just completed stitch to work dc in skipped st* rep around (I suck at explaining things so check out this link if you have no idea at all what I mean. Sorry :D)

Round 18 - (join colour A) Ch 2 work sc in each dc around.

Round 19-21 (using colour A, rep rounds 10-12)

Round 22 - (join B) sc in each st around. And you are done.

Again, I suck at explaining how to do things. I tend to take it for granted people already know and just need a quick outline. Send me a message if you need help translating my crappy crappy notes.

Yep, new year, same me! Lol.

Although I prefer cotton, it is not the best fibre if you have dry hair

Up My Sleeve.pdf



When I finish this new one I shall be able to give some yardage info but it didn't take all that much to make the pictured one.

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