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World travelling, north of the 49th living, Caribbean born, Barcelona dreaming makeup artist. A motionless perpetual motion machine.
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Looking back

The last couple of years will probably never end up in my Top 10 best years but I did get to have some fun. I think the challenge is in remembering that there were good times even in the midst of the less than ideal bits.

Being busy at work is a bit of a mixed blessing, I was blessed enough to have been busy when many in the industry went without a gig, but it goes in cycles like that, insanely busy then no one calls you for months on end. I was just on the busy part of that vicious cycle.

Being busy did mean that I had less time to devote to Plan B but I have a brand new year to get better at juggling both working in the present and working towards the future. And, after all that is said and done, complaining that one is too busy working to get ones butt in gear feels more like an excuse than a reason. It is also more than a little ungrateful for without the work now there could never be a viable Plan B.

Although I were raised in Toronto, we grew up with the idea of Old Year. Our mother never did get used to the idea of saying New Year's Eve, instead she would say Old Year's Night. That term feels much more appropriate for the idea of reflection. Forward into the future does not negate the importance of remembering where you came/come from.

Looking back on the best bits of the last 2 or so personally challenging years helps put stuff in focus. There was so much which brought me joy. There were a lot of wonderful bits in those times of trial.

Looking back on some of the moments I've enjoyed,
Observation deck of the CN Tower. Glorious.
what an exhilarating view of the city!
enjoying the rays of the setting sun
Port Hope - watching people fish
Eating the things I shouldn't, lactose and gluten. Yum. Ow, my tummy.
The Distillery District - I always look forward to shooting here.
How cool is it that I get to do this stuff for a living!?
Cannons Away! It's like getting paid to play.
I like this shot, amber against the blue, as though the sky was on fire.
Borrowed boots. Thanks, Nicole!
growing mini sunflowers in my solarium
playing in piles of newly fallen leaves
working in the woods, cold but lovely
Storm moving in across the prairies on drive back to Regina
At wrap, it's a long drive back from Indian Head to hotel in Regina
smoke on the water - even shooting nights can be pretty cool

Wishing all the best in 2012. Happy New Year.

Blessings, Love, Light and Laughter.

(previously posted on Yes, Mistress)
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