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World travelling, north of the 49th living, Caribbean born, Barcelona dreaming makeup artist. A motionless perpetual motion machine.
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This post is really long over due.

Marjorie corset in silk brocade

After a little over a year of steady gigging, I am back at it.

I had a freaking great year. This past year, 2015, was a busy one for film and television technicians in Toronto and I had two good back to back runs.

Season 3/4 of Rogue was a busy AF show which left me with little to no free time but we had a great team in the hair/makeup trailer and we did some great work

Private Eyes aka The Code aka THe Untitled Jason Priestly Project was another show with some great people but I am glad for this down time to work on my fibre arts.

With now 24 pieces due for a spring time shoot, I have a lot of catching up to do. I am really excited to finally be able to commit my time to this and I am trying to be better and treat my sewing/knitting/crochet/embroidery time like a regular work day. Well, maybe not one of my regular 15 hour work days. More like a 9 to 5ers regular work day. :D
working some drafts for comfy bamboo jersey undies

This first week of sewing comes to a close with one corset 90% completed (having problems with obtaining a new die set for my press) and 3 more at various points of the first toile and second pattern draft stages.

I hope to cut at least two of the 3 tomorrow afternoon (and, hopefully, I shall hear back from a couple of the companies I've contacted regarding a #00 die set. Fingers crossed).

The first corset up will be a underbust made of a lovely soft aqua Chinese silk brocade.

silk brocade and lining printed with my logo
I am so enamoured of this fabric. I'm pretty freaking happy with the way the logo turned out, too. Thanks Spoonflower!

I wish I had chosen a few others silk offerings. There was a gorgeous lilac just whispering "Buy me" but I was trying not to get distracted.

At any rate, I have 6 weeks to get as much done, after that I will have to set about looking for the next day job gig.

I will end with a screen grab of my feature on Kollabora which just put the icing on this past week's yummy yummy cake.
A mock-up of a corset I made for myself but doing a sample size as well

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Little Pieces

Little Pieces

bits and pieces

One of my favourite parts of knitting/crochet/sewing is the gathering of materials; I get a big kick out of finding the bits and pieces which then become a finished project. It is like working a puzzle but one with many possible solutions.

vintage toile de jouy, recycled sari silk ribbon, and lace

Seeing a myriad of possibilities has a downside as I often hesitate not knowing which choice I will like the best. This is where knitting wins for me, way easier to change ones mind when knitting, with sewing once fabric is cut the options narrow greatly (it's also my excuse for buying way more fabric than I need - it is an up side and an excuse all rolled into one!)

You know that great feeling you get when you have hit upon the perfect combo...way too seductive. I often just star at the pieces, in part to ensure the feeling isn't fleeting but also because you want to savour the effect.

I often get more from that than actually making the item up. Well, almost.

One of my favourite combos is this bad boy below, not quite there but happy thus far with the colours and textures,

old imported English coutil, vintage silk floss, beaded appliqué, and lace

Playing around with dyeing: packaged natural dyes and stuff from the panty; commercial dyes; fabric painting. It has been a while since I thought of just creating the palette I want so a lot of stuff to re-learn.

tea-dyed cluny cotton lace

tea-dyed English coutil I had purchased over 20 years ago (pinned bias tape also tea-dyed)

All in all, I have six corsets I have been working on for the past few months (well, really only a month with the day job creating a four month hiatus from their completion).

A lot of great little pieces in a bid to make a lovely whole.

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Slackers' Paradise

Slackers' Paradise

For a lazy woman, I spent the last month of 2014 pretty busy around the apartment.

I got sh*t done.

After organising my yarn stash into piles such as Part of WIP (PoWIP), Yarns With A Purpose (YWAP), Yarns With Great Possibilities (YWGP), and Yarns I Really Want To Use (YTU) (but haven't come up with a thing yet), I took a long realistic look at how I felt about some of these projects and yarns and whether or not I'd ever finish or like where I was heading.

I let go of a couple and added a few new projects.

Bye-bye whatever it is I was doing here

Hello to my reversible hat Nephews,

Nephews hat

reversible toque

I took that momentum into the new year which was sweet. I managed to find the energy even after 75+ hour work weeks.

I got back to baking like this great Basic Skillet Cornbread from Chow,

I fried up some 'bacon' then poured the batter right into the pan

And, sewing.

the makings of one of my corsets, got some great vintage floss

Trying to maximise daylight on the weekends when I had them off, I found if I set dough to rise at night, I could pop it in the oven in the morning and knit for a bit before my attention started to wander. I'd then get lost in sewing after a brief time out of baked goods and tea (I don't tend to eat breakfast on the weekdays when at home and will often go without eating until well after noon on the weekends; a bad habit I have never been able to shake).

my cast iron pot makes this way too easy

And, my new favourite marmalade, Calamondin Tangelo with Ginger, Cognac, and Lavender (I have to come up with a shorter name for this),

half the sugar with a lovely tanginess
sunshine in a jar

A little tv or reading and then off to sew until daylight starts to wane (my aging eyes seem to work best in full sun whereas in the past darkness was my friend).

I was in slackers' paradise; a lot accomplished without really feeling as though I HAD to do a thing. Sweet.

Most importantly, I got back on track working out some pieces for a long delayed photo shoot. Excited. I am fortunate enough to have a lot of really talented friends and the good fortune to work with some very generous with their time people. with most of my prototyping done, I feel I am finally ready to commit to my concept.

At the beginning of the year staring down the start of an 8 month gig starting, I had hopes I could keep on point.

The best laid plans...etc...etc...

Although I did not get all I had hoped done I did manage a few things.

Esmée is one of those things I did finish.

esmée (wrinkled af because of the belt)

A lovely lightweight dress worked in white linen, it takes no time at all to work up. Really basic shaping, straps, deep pockets, and a drawstring hem make it a quick and easy project. Still working up a pattern which, as I'm back to work on Monday, may not be ready for a bit. :|

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Wowzy Wow Wow and Yum

Wowzy Wow Wow and Yum


For a woman who has oh so much to say I really do suck at blogging. I have no idea at all what it is but I never seem to remember to post things. I've written about a dozen things in my mind and have posted long rambling updates on FB (so much so that I could probably compile my status updates and publish a book).

At any rate...

I have been off for about 3 weeks now and, as always, I am enjoying my hiatus but sort of panicking now that I am only 3 short days away from being back to work without having sewn as much as I had promised myself (though I did a ton of baking and cooking and gallivanting).

I've discovered a new favourite in Donna Hay's Blueberry and Yoghurt Loaf. I have made this 3 times now and each time I adore it more. It is not a low calorie treat though I do reduce the sugar and the butter (I add a bit more yoghurt which means I do find I need to bake it a little longer and let it sit in the cooling oven in order to allow the centre time to cook fully).

A ridiculously thick batter. Mmmmm.

It's one of those treats which is great fresh out of the oven but infinitely better the next day (if we remember to leave some for the next day :D)

Ignore the basil, I'm allergic to mint and the picture needed something green. HAHAHA

I tried a few other treats with mixed results (my Chocolate Swirl Bread was delicious but not as picture perfect as I would have liked; I have to get that chocolate mix down before I can call it a success).

Not as much sewing as I had planned, not as much hanging and socialising, maybe not as much baking as I had hoped but just enough of everything for me to call this hiatus a success.

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Bind Me - Two Out of Four

Bind Me - Two Out of Four

The last 2 weeks of my downtime was spent making corsets. I worked 4 of variant styles, my two favourites being this Edwardian inspired one (the easiest pattern of the 4 to draft) which I made of tea dyed cotton coutil. I had some white cotton bias tape which I threw in the tea bath as well as some white cotton lace. I was really worried about mottling so I may have soaked the items longer than necessary (okay, I DID soak longer than necessary). I then ran the newly dyed items through the wash a couple of times and hung them to dry overnight. 

The colour came out better than expected with the bias tape a wonderful match (not surprising when I remember it was a cotton bias tape and the coutil is 100% cotton, as well, the last of an old order of English coutil I've had for the past 15 years or so). I do wish I had brewed a stronger tea bath for the lace, however.

At any rate, I was (am) happy with the way they turned out.

My other favourite is based on 18th century stays. I liked this pattern more than I expected. I tried something new for me which was using cable ties as boning. Genius!

Here are some in progress pics.

Tea Time

Have not positioned the garters (okay, have not made them yet),

Everything pinned and basted into place

Have not decided on lacing or embroidery colour(s) though I am leaning towards peach and copper,

Awaiting the busk, top edge trim, and lacing
I can't wait to finish this and add my final notes to my pattern.


For my stays I chose more of the white coutil (I had 5 or so metres of it) and pulled the golden yellow ribbon from my embellishment collection. I try to buy ribbon at Mokuba whenever I can so I have a good little collection. The embroidery floss I had initially chosen had a metallic finish but I opted for the same sunshiny yellow as the ribbon.

Ignore the loose threads, I am still awaiting the trim for the top and bottom edges so there is still some work left to be done,

I am thinking I need a wider ribbon for the front

My first attempt at handworked lacing eyelets.

My first stays

I'll post more pictures once I have my order with the satin bias tape and have done all of the finishing and tidying.

The other 2 corsets I made (one I designed the other based on a pattern) are both overbust. I hope to have all of the fiddly bits finished on the next bit of down time I have (a long weekend in couple of weeks). Wish I could have finished them all before the new gig consumed all of my time (not complaining, I am happy to be back on a show and we have a great team).


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